Teat cord

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As a teat lover, you can't do without a teat cord. So hip girls beware! With
this cute pink version you are really the lady. Of course, boys can also wear
pink, so this one can't be missed between your maternity gifts The teat cord
prevents your teat from falling to the ground and getting dirty or lost. With
the handy clip you can easily attach it to your shirt, jacket or pants.

The teat cord is also packed by us free of charge in a festive packaging.

Advantages of a teat cord
You'll never lose your teat again
Handy to attach to your shirt, pants, jacket, hug, you name it.
Prevents the teat from falling to the ground and getting dirty.
The child can easily find the teat himself.
Easy to attach to any teat and remove.
Gives a hip look to your outfit!
Tips when using a teat cord:
For the little ones it is advisable to attach the teat cord to the bottom of
the shirt or to the waistband so that it comes out a bit shorter and does not
get in the way. The teat cord can be used in bed, we prefer to remove the cord
ourselves. But if you attach it low to the side of the sleeping bag or clothes,
the cord cannot get around the neck. Learn more about the use and safety of the
teat cord.

Material and safety
The clip has no sharp edges and is therefore safe for the little one, even if
you accidentally put it in your mouth.
The beads are made of wood and silicone so that the teeth are not damaged if

Product specifications
Color: yellow, pink, light gray, dark gray or green
Length: about 27.5cm
Suitable for every teat
BPA free
Teat not included

Additional Information
Brand PinkParents