Tape in Hair Extension, Double Drawn 22"(actual to 23"), 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair, Platinum Blonde(#60), 40pcs/pack

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The most correct and classical color #60.

The work of JadyHair’s values quality and details, making our products some of
the most high quality hair extensions you can find on Etsy, or even the market
in general. Our hair extensions are made with 100% virgin remy human hair with
cuticles reserved.

Double the amount of long hairs than regular tape in extensions. With few
shorter hairs mixed in, double drawn hair extensions are lusciously long and
dense all the way through, not tapering and becoming thinner at the tip like
regular hair extensions. More volume all the way through! Choose our double
drawn hair extensions!

polyester of 4X1 cm. The tapes are made to have round corners, making sure that
they do not irritate the scalp in anyways. The adhesive tapes on the polyester
are water resistant, powerful, long lasting, and does not melt in hot weathers
or under heat styling. During removal, this adhesive does not leave any
remnants, saving you from a messy clean up process.

Tape in hair extensions are gentle and easy to wear. The installation process
is often quick and effortless, and the extensions never hurt your own hair.

One pack (total 40pcs, 100g) is the recommended quantity for a full head.


1. ALWAYS try out a TEST STRAND before applying on full scale.
2. From time to time there may be slight variations in color after washing.
This is normal and does not affect the quality of the product.
3. Giving your extensions a trim every 6 weeks is always advised in order to
keep the ends in good condition.
4. After washing the extensions with shampoo and conditioner, while the hair
is still wet, ALWAYS brush the hair to prevent matting. Remember to start
brushing near the ends; then gradually move up to the middle of the extensions
and brush down to the ends before brushing all the way from the roots to the
ends. Following this brushing technique is very beneficial for the extensions
and also minimizes the possibility of damaging to your own hair.
5. We recommend always using BASIC hydrating shampoos and conditioners for
your extensions. Check the formulas to make sure that the products used DO NOT
contain any protein or oil treatments, for they strip the cuticles on the hair.
We recommend that you mix a little bit of conditioner with shampoo to clean the
hair first. And then, apply conditioner to the extensions and wait for about 5
minutes before rinsing. It is advised to repeat the conditioning procedure
three times.
6. Water quality around the world varies. In some places, the tap water you
use for washing the extensions are more acidic than that of other places.
Normally, less acidic, or more basic the water is better for making sure the
extensions stay smooth and tangle-free.
7. For your styling convenience, heat can be safely applied to Human Hair.
Don’t be shy to use tools like straighteners, curling tongs, hair dryers and
other tools to create gorgeous hairstyles.

The ONLY acceptable reason for refunds Hair Matting.
All products for sale are thoroughly washed and checked for quality before the
deliverying, ensuring that the products are in their best conditions.
We guarantee that the products should be tangle free. If you encounter any
issues with hair matting, please first make sure that you are using shampoos
and conditioners appropriate for hair extensions (refer to the Maintenance and
Care section for recommendations).
If you have been following the maintenance procedures correctly, yet is still
experiencing issues with hair matting within 30 days since delivery, please
contact us by email at
The photo will help us determine the nature and cause of the problem. We will
then inform you with refund and replacement information (replacement in this
case comes with free shipping). In extremely rare instances, hair matting may
occur for unknown reasons. According to our statistics, the possibility of this
is only 0.1%, so please do not worry about it.

*Incorrectly cut, colored, toned, bleached, permed, and over heated hair will
not accepted for refund or replacement.
JadyHair only uses Remy hair for our products, so the colors from the roots to
the tips are slightly different. The tips are always lighter than the roots. We
will not acknowledge complaints about this.

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