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Graceful manual massager in the form of a small fish for massage from
stainless steel. A useful and necessary gift for face and body skin care. The
side edges of the massage steel plate are polished in such a way that cosmetic
manipulations occur safely and with maximum comfort. The elongated shape allows
you to make a good warm-up of the skin, as well as the impact on the
acupuncture zones (acupressure) with two pointed edges (fish fins).

With the help of a fascial scraper, you need to perform massage manipulations
in problem areas. This massage prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles,
stimulates better metabolism and lymphatic drainage in the upper layers of the
skin, fights cellulite. Our entire body has a special thin frame that keeps the
muscles and skin in good shape. These are the so-called fascias. New scientific
research proves that periodic exposure to the fascia helps to better keep the
shape of the face and body oval. In addition to active physical activity,
proper sleep patterns and quality nutrition, fascial massage helps us maintain
external perfection and well-being.

Why are small stainless steel hand massagers a wonderful alternative to other
original gifts?

1. Each massage plate is polished by special equipment, and the material is
food grade stainless steel, which can have contact with the skin. It is
pleasant to take in hands, and it is very comfortable to carry out home massage.
2. The size and shape of the cosmetic scraper will delight anyone who receives
such an unexpected gift. And even more positive emotions cause the purpose of
such a practical gift. By giving such a massager, you wish even more health and
beauty to the one who receives it.
3. Massage special tools are relevant for any age and gender. For a birthday
or Valentine's Day, a wedding day or just as proof of your deep feelings - a
practical massager will be a joyful surprise and a good helper in maintaining
skin and muscle tone.

Massage steel plate "Fish" has a length of 12.2cm. A small fish fits
comfortably in any palm.

To keep the appearance smooth and scratch-free for as long as possible,
stainless steel massagers should be stored in a clean napkin or case, avoiding
minor mechanical impact.
A personal massager made of steel is an excellent gift option for adults.
Friend or sister, mom or dad, wife or husband, friend or relative, grandma or
grandpa, athlete or office worker, student or employee, lover or relative -
they will all be delighted with such a gift for beauty!

The material used to create the tool is stainless steel, which has attractive
► this cosmetic large massager will last a very long time, because it is not
subject to corrosion and does not have fragility, like other analogues with
semi-precious stones;
► this metal has a perfectly polished surface - massage with such a tool will
be effective and pleasant;
► cosmetic stainless steel scrapers quickly heat up from the heat of the
masseur's hands. Idea for you! When using them as patches (under the eyes and
in other areas to combat premature wrinkles), they must be pre-cooled in the
► intended for use in private institutions, beauty parlors and for
self-massage at home;
► keep Gu Asha made of metal clean by treating with disinfectants or washing
with warm water and soap;
► stainless steel is anti-allergenic materials.


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