Serum Mist Leave-in for hair loss and DETANGLER, Wholesale. 1 Gallon (128ozs). Thickens & Lenghtens hair

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1 Gallon size (128ozs/8lbs). Great for matted hair. Don't cut hair, try this
serum. Comes in White or Black Jug. Sell at flea markets, etc. Can use your own
labels. It leaves no flakes--just a beautiful scalp. This Serum is great for
hair loss and a great detangler. You can spray onto dry hair, cover with
plastic bonnet, wait 2 minutes, hair will comb out easily; even the toughest
hair. One gallons fills (16) 8oz. bottles. Great for children too. Spray onto
wet or dry hair. It's for men and women. It stops the shedding. It also
contains bamboo silica to thicken, strengthen, and lengthen hair. Spray on
daily for faster results. Spray on dry hair to detangle it too. Bamboo Silica
is 10 times more potent than horsetail by helping to carry oxygen and nutrients
to the strand, silica can help promote some serious growth.

Pour into dark colored spray bottles to keep the sunlight out, preserving the
product and keeping it potent. This leave-in Serum Mist should help your hair
grow longer and thicker. Spray extra onto ends to seal the ends. It's for all
hair types. It also leaves beautiful highlights and volume. It won't leave hair
oily and weighed down. We use the best botanicals. Some customers hair grew 1
inch within 1 week. After shampooing, towel dry hair, spray on Serum
mist--leave it in. You should see results within 2 weeks.

Our rich, pure Serum Mist contains real minerals, vitamins, and omegas 3, 6, &
9. It’s a leave-in. It is also concentrated and specifically made to lengthen,
stop hair from shedding and grow your hair. It has a special blend of 100% Pure
Oils, Herbs & Spices. It contains: 25 pure herbs, spices, and 8 pure oils in
all. It leaves hair stronger, longer, healthier, and with more body.

Directions: Just spray Serum Mist onto wet or dry hair.

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