Rice-flax seed therapeutic heating/cooling foot warmer, hand warmer, rice bag, heat pad, cold pack, Crazy Cat Lady

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This is a great treat for your feet. The average heating time is 1-3min but
can vary depending on the microwave. You can also warm up your bag in the oven
at 325 for about 20min. Check it often during the warming process and shift it
around so the rice can be evenly heated. Overheating can result in a burn so
please be careful. When placing your bag in the freezer I recommend that they
are put in a plastic bag to prevent the freezer smell from attaching to the
fabric. Rice bags release moist heat that helps to aide with circulation and
pain relief to sore muscles and joints. As your bag cools down, the heat
becomes even more penetrating. The heat helps dilate blood vessels and
increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to help heal damaged tissue. It also
decrease the transmission of pain signals to the brain and helps relieve
discomfort. When used as a cold pack it works by reducing blood flow to a
particular area which can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that
cause pain. These bags help with strains, migraines, joint pain, inflammation,
PMS, anxiety and depression, fibromyalgia, and post surgery and injection
recovery. These are great for children when they have gas pains or growing
pains. Children also love to sleep with them like a calming blanket. It is also
great to use for fevers and sick tummies. I also can add essential oils to your
bag for aromatherapy. the back of bag may be different. I will take special
orders and do bulk pricing. Please follow and like me on Facebook at Serenity
Journey Crafts.

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