Professional Custom Teeth Whitening Trays Kit -USA Dental Lab Direct Upper & Lower Trays w/ 38% Bleaching Gel FAST Results Whiter Smile Labs

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Dental Lab Direct Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Includes several full
treatment cycles of 38% Premium, High Intensity, Carbamide Peroxide Teeth
Whitening Gel
Highest Quality Custom Made and Fitted Trays, Direct from our USA Dental lab!
Same kit the Dentist sells, By-Pass The Dentist and save money! ALL shipping
(within the USA) and packing materials for the process, is FREE, NO EXTRA COSTS

SENSITIVITY FREE! MADE IN USA PREMIUM GEL! We do not sell imitation products
from overseas like others do to cut costs. Studies show, as well as our
experience, that by selling the highest quality items at a low profit, our
clients are much more satisfied. And get the teeth whitening results they want
for a reasonable cost.

Whiter Smile Labs Offers Professional, Dental Lab Direct Teeth Whitening
Products to clients all over the world. Our Custom fitted, Lab made, Teeth
Whitening Tray System, provides the fastest whitening results. High Quality
Custom Trays, made In the same dental lab that your dentist uses! As you can
see in the pictures, we include everything that you need to make the
impressions for your custom trays, We even send extra material just in case you
want to re-do a impression, others give you barely enough for the impressions.
This Simple process only takes a few minutes.
We pay for ALL shipping, and PRE-PAID packaging to ship back to our lab! Your
impressions are kept on file, so if replacement trays are needed, you just call
us up with your I.D number and we remake them and get them sent right out to
you! Our Dental Lab utilizes state of the art equipment, that produces the most
accurate fitting trays in the industry!

The most important fact about us, is we are a USA Dental Lab, selling USA made
products for years. You are buying lab direct. Others sell cheaply made trays
from ultra thin materials that do not last, we fully warranty ours! We also
include enough gel for several full cycles. You can have a cycle done in less
than 7 days! ONLY TAKES 20-30 MIN A DAY. Our customers report they have NO
sensitivity to the gel and does not burn the gums like cheap gel that comes
from Overseas. Other sellers, to save money use a low grade, unregulated
Chinese, foreign gel.

We only sell high grade products, this way our clients get what they are
after, a Fast White Smile, done safely! We have a website and a Facebook Page,
search us. Enjoy your new smile, and remember a low cost means low quality,
don't let a cheap kit fool You! You only get one set of teeth, choose your
products responsibly. We ship SAME DAY most times. We also offer a full 100%
Guarantee, we stand behind our products and have amazing customer service.
**FREE SHIPPING within USA!** Please see shipping prices for international

Important Information:

This product is designed to strip away yellow and discolored teeth from
tobacco, coffee, wine, dark drinks, medications and many other kinds of stains.
This is the Highest Quality, Custom Dental Lab made Kit on the market! Custom
Fitted Trays make sure that your teeth get a perfectly even layer of gel, in
all the areas of your teeth, No Missed Spots! Evenly Whiten your Smile, FAST!
Sensitivity free treatment. All gels are made fresh and packaged to order. We
do not use the Prime service, because then products would be sitting on a
shipping plant shelf, and we could not pack fresh for each order. Fresh gel is
very important for the fastest teeth whitening results and ease of use.
--Expired, watery gel is not safe, it will get all over your gums. Many sell
gel and kits at a low price that come from from China, most times that gel is
expired and made not made in a FDA approved lab. Overseas teeth whitening
products are not regulated. We take pride in shipping FRESH, FAST and FREE.

Pure carbamide peroxide gel, no fillers or additives. All natural ingredients.
Kit materials are BPA free and made with FDA approved materials.

Easy directions are as simple as 1 2 3!
1) Mix the included Part A with Part B impression material, roll and mix in
your washed, sanitized hands. for 30-45 seconds.
2) Roll out the material and place into the plastic impression tray. 3)
Place the tray into your mouth and press the tray into your mouth and simply
bite down. Any extra material that comes out of the top of the tray, simply
press it up against your gum line. This helps make the best impressions and
also a visual of your gum line, extra material is included free. So you can
redo if you make a mistake.
4) Simply wait an estimate of 2 minutes until the material has fully cured, do
not wiggle the tray as the material hardens.
5) After fully cured, remove the tray from your mouth and place in the
included Pre-Paid Envelope Included with the kit, and simply place in the mail.
6) We will receive your impressions within a few days and assign a dental tech
to start making your custom trays. we keep your stone molds for up to 2 years,
so if you were to lose your trays, we can remake them for you and rush them
right out to you. We are the only company large enough to do that.
7) A few days later you will receive from the lab, a set of perfectly fitted,
custom teeth whitening trays, to start your Whitening cycle! That Fast. You can
wear the trays while doing just about anything. With our kit you will not
experience any sensitivity or gum irritations. Our custom trays use less gel,
and are far more comfortable and give much better results than generic one fits
all, boil and bite trays, they are not recommended, ask any Dentist! Our trays
are guaranteed to custom fit your teeth. Our Dental lab utilizes state of the
art equipment to ensure the highest quality fit using the highest quality
materials. Some sell for a few dollars less, but you will sacrifice quality,
both in tray design, thickness and gel quality. Our Dental techs are highly
trained pros in Cosmetic Dentistry.

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