Pretty Beach Themed Cane

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This sturdy medical supply cane has been decorated for the summer and your
beach holiday! If you have to carry it make it pretty...which is what we did!

I hand decorate these cane's with ribbon, flowers, and other touches to
reflect a theme. This beach cane will come with colorful flowers and shells and
beach toys.

While each cane I make is slightly different and not all the decorations seen
may be available, I do decorate with the same amount and as close to the look
of the cane you pick. I can to some extent decorate according to your requests
(a ken doll, instead of barbie? red ribbon instead of blue?). Just specify in
your order and I'll let you know if I can do it.

For those who want specific items on their cane, you can mail those items to
me with any directions and I will work them in.

These are beautiful keepsakes that you will not be embarrassed to use. I use
mine daily and receive so many smiles and compliments!

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