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Set of 5 washable makeup remover wipes and the matching pouch
Wipes Format 8x8cm
Pouch L 17cm x H 12cm x D 4.5 cm
Terrazzo terracota pattern

This is THE MUST HAVE Zero Waste, to no longer perpetually throw away your
makeup remover cottons, save money and take care of your skin.
Indeed, one side is made of 100% printed cotton, for a little style at the
time of makeup removal, and the makeup remover face is made of sponge that
mixes cotton and bamboo fiber. It is currently one of the softest materials on
the market and is also used in the baby and child sector. This material, in
addition to the fact that makeup removal becomes a moment of softness and
pleasure, takes care of your skin without attacking it!
Just wash it with your laundry at the end of the week and it starts again!
If you use mascara, eye liner or very black makeup that may gray your wipes
over time, put a little stain remover or baking soda in your washing machines
and the wipes will remain white. I currently have a 2-year setback on my wipes
that I use daily and they are still as soft as ever.
Others, more studious, will wash them daily with soap and water and let them
dry for the next day. It's up to you
And even if you don't wear makeup, a little micellar water on your wipe will
allow you to cleanse your skin before bedtime!

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