Pacifier Chain Double Name Raccoon with Dino

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Pacifier Chain Double Name Raccoon with Dino

For birth, for baptism, or simply for yourself and the baby himself.

Each pacifier chain is made by me individually for you.

The name shown on the product image serves only as a design example,
in order to be able to visually better represent the offered product for you.

The number of pearls can vary depending on the length of the name, and motifs
may also be omitted.

Color deviations are possible.

Each pacifier necklace will be made individually with the name of your
favorite on request.

In each Schuller chain 5 letters with wooden letters or with white plastic
letters are included.
(Note on white plastic letters: Numbers, umlauts & special characters are
unfortunately not possible).

Please enter the name in the box provided for this purpose (box)
and select the desired letters when placing your order at the top.

*A silicone ring is not part of a pacifier chain.

You can purchase this in the shop under the category pacifier chain double

We are happy to try to take changes and wishes into account.

If you do not provide a note, the pacifier chain will be made exactly as shown
in the picture.

Notes on the material:
All materials used by us have been manufactured according to DIN-EN 71/3.
(Standard for migration of certain elements from toys and toy material)
Thus, the material is
1st Sweat and Saliva Festival*
2. Colourfast
3. Free of harmful substances
4. Equipped with the prescribed ventilation holes, as well as rust- and

*Saliva resistant in wooden articles means that the mere contact with saliva,
as well as the permanent wetting with it, does not lead to detachment or wear.
But if baby bites, chews or sucks on it permanently (also called mechanical
influence) - this inevitably leads to a detachment of the paint. - There is no
danger to the child at any time, as all materials are harmless.

Additional Information
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