Night Hat, Real 100% Italian Silk Sleep Bonnet Cap Women Cap Hair

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Silk Night Hat, Real 100% Silk Sleep Bonnet Cap Women Cap Sleep Hair Protect.
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While we are sleeping, something truly magical happens to our skin – it
rejuvenates and renews itself. The average American spends 6.5 hours in bed per
day. Wouldn’t you want to spend that time wisely to make the most out of it and
make sure it’s beneficial to your body?

Wearing nice and comfy pajamas to sleep, most of us forget about our hair.
Have you ever thought of what happens to it while you sleep? Most progressive
hair specialists started using silk a while ago to manage with dryness, damage,
and frizz. Apart from that, silk makes your hair shine!

Flakes compound the cuticles of our hair and protect the insides from the
harsh sun, cold temperatures and wind. They keep our hair healthy and make it
shine by reflecting the natural light. However, we are constantly damaging the
outside layer of our hair by rubbing it with our pillows while sleeping and
with towels after showering.

By wrapping your hair in silk before sleep, you change your hair’s quality
dramatically. Instead of rubbing, your hair glides smoothly on the silk which
keeps your hairstyle together, your curls supple, and the hair becomes
healthier and shinier every night.

The natural oils that are produced by your scalp are evenly spread over the
whole length of your hair, so it is nourished but not greasy – no need to wash
it all over again in the morning! You will forget about split ends and
breakages and enter the world of healthy and shiny hair.

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