NATUR Gift Set Body Butter + Hand Cream Bars, Silver Cans

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Natural cosmetics at their finest...
Great gift set consisting of body butter and hand cream bars

1. Body butter, 80g with valuable ingredients:
Coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, lavender oil
Everything in organic quality
For a wonderfully spicy skin feeling.

2.Firm hand cream, 5 pieces in jewelry box
No more rough, cracked hands. These hand cream bars make the skin soft and
supple again. By adding high-quality ingredients such as cocoa butter, almond
oil and beeswax, this firm hand cream is a great care for every day.
They are delivered in five (hearts), individually packed, in a metal heart box
with viewing window.
Just like hand washing!
Simply rub the hand cream between the hands and let it draw.
Beeswax, cocoa butter, almond oil, lemon oil

In case of suspicion of allergies, intolerances or pregnancy, we advise
against the use of the products. Also for children e.B.essential oils are not
recommended and can pose a danger.

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