Myrrh Hydrosol - Sirian Starseed - Full Moon Hydrosols - Full Moon Brew

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I make it all my self using a copper alembic still. All of the batches of
Essential Oils and Hydrosols will go through an intuitive process of adding
different waters I have collected over the years and natural places where I
currently live in North Carolina. So every batch of oils and hydrosol will be
unique in its own way and no two batches will ever be the same.

Example Video for this Distillation can be found here but this is for Myrrh
Done on December 2020 New Moon: ----->

The process I used for this particular batch is the following:

I used water that I collected was from North Carolina Black Mountain Spring.
<--- This is where Buckminister Fuller received his downloads on the geodesic

Ashes of intention written: Enabling camouflage from physical harm, negative
energies and clarity.

I then added a Cat whisker, and a tuft of Fox Fur. If you research the use of
cat whiskers in mysticism, witchcraft. It is used as an amplifier of intention.
Fox fur is added for camouflage and adaptability resonance.

The batch of Myrrh was done on the New Moon of December 2021.

Benefits of Myrrh:
The benefits of Myrrh include the spiritual and emotional as well. Myrrh is
very spiritual and has been used in religious ceremonies and rituals for over
5000 years!

Myrrh releases fears, difficult experiences as it relates to us or the world.
It asks us to be more accepting, trusting and non-judgmental of ourselves.

When we can love and trust ourselves more, than we don’t attract situations
that are as painful and we learn to integrate our physical with our spiritual

Because this oil opens the heart chakra and is uplifting to the mind, it can
relieve stress and relax the body. Place on the heart to release this
patterning and embrace relationships (self and others).

Balsamic, strong, and sweet, myrrh hydrosol has become a natural skincare
favorite, especially for rejuvenating skin and smoothing the complexion. Mature
skin loves myrrh hydrosol! Myrrh hydrosol also settles the spirit, reducing
overthinking and filling the mind with serenity. This is one of those
harmonizing aromatherapy products that creates both inner and outer peace!

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