Mother's Day gift, Organic flaxseed and lavender cushion for meditation and yoga, Mini hot water bottle

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Relaxing eye cushion or Mini hot water bottle

The Relaxing Eye Cushion consists of an Oeko Tex cotton cover and an inner
cushion (Oeko Tex cotton and antibacterial) filled with organic flaxseed and
organic lavender flowers.

This cushion promotes meditation and relaxation thanks to the soothing
properties of lavender flowers and its blackout effect. It can also serve as a
hot water bottle and thus relieve cervicals, painful periods, small
contractures etc ...

To activate the scent of lavender, it is enough to rub the seeds together.
This cushion relieves eye strain, soothes migraines and promotes falling
asleep. Ideal for meditation or yoga (Savasana).
This cushion is composed of local materials (organic linen and organic
lavender from the scrubland) and eco-responsible and fabrics labeled Oeko Tex.

It is THE comforting gift to offer for all occasions!

The cushion cover is machine washable (40°C max). Do not wash or wet the

For hot use:
In the microwave: Place the hot water bottle (without the cover) in the
microwave with a glass of water next to it, heat 1 min 30 to 2 minutes to 800
watt maximum.
In the oven: Place the hot water bottle in a dish (without the cover) and then
in the oven between 100 and 150 ° C maximum for about 5 to 10 mins

For cold use:
Put your hot water bottle in a plastic bag or cloth and place it in the
refrigerator for 3 hours or 30 minutes in the freezer.

Dimensions: 11 x 22 cm
Weight: approx. 220 grs

Artisanal manufacturing in France, in Montpellier.
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