Mineral Foundation. Natural Makeup. Mineral Makeup. Chemical Free. Cream is for light to medium light skin with warm undertones.

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What is it?...This beautiful natural foundation contains minerals from the
earth. Rice powder is the main ingredient along with Kaolin clay, minerals and
special blends of micas and oxides for color.

Why do I need it?...No chemicals, waxes, oils or preservatives have been
added. Wearing that on your skin all day isn't good for you and could be the
culprit of breakouts, inflammation, dryness and early signs of aging. Silk
powder has been added for the benefit of amino acids and humidity balancing. It
contains a natural sunscreen for protection and also is water resistant for
swimming and getting caught in the rain.
Why do I want it? It is lightweight, translucent and the ultimate alternative
to chemical based traditional makeup on the market today. It feels incredibly
soft and your skin will have a shine free flawless finish that is so
lightweight you won't feel like you have makeup on. It goes on quickly and
easily and you can forget about it for the rest of the day.

How does it work? It is applied with a Kabuki brush. There is no tugging at
your skin with a makeup sponge or your fingers. All you do is dab the brush
into a pinch of minerals and apply it with circular motions over your

What will I think? The only thing you'll be thinking is how you lived this
long without trying Facing Perfection Mineral foundation.

Each jar contains 8 grams and when used every day should last aprox. 3 months.

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