MILLIONS of YouTubers Prefer| Leda Lum Apothecary Choice |No Suds No Foam| Full 16oz Bottle| Age Defying Hair Care| Brilliant Shine| Organic

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♥Leda Lum of "LEDA LUMS APOTHECARY" loves this shampoo and so does her
followers. She says
after using this it made her hair incredibly shiny and healthy giving her a
high end red carpet look.
Better yet, let her tell you herself, see her YouTube review at the link below.

♥Worlds best keep secret for long healthy hair. Fermented rice has been used
for years
to keep hair long, thick and also delays and even prevents grey hairs.♥

♥You will NOT find any of these chemicals in my products, like Silicone's,
Petroleum, SLS, Phthalates, Paraben of any kind, propylene glycol, & other
harsh chemicals.♥

Fermented rice wash has long been used in Asia for clear skin and long,
luscious hair.
The Yao minority ethnic women from Huangluo Village, in Guangxi Province, in
southern China, have one striking feature in common—their extraordinarily long
hair that stays black until they are around 80 years old. Go figure! With their
average hair length of about 6 feet, the Yao ethnic women made it to the
Guinness Book of World Records as the “world’s longest hair village.” Part of
their secret to having such long hair lies in washing it with fermented.

Near the Southern tips of Angola, reside the Mbalantu tribes of Namibia.
Mbalantu women are known for their 7ft hair. They too have been known for using
fermented water for washing before adding finely ground tree bark of the
omutyuula tree. They do not start graying until 80 years. Some do not grey at

♥ You will get a full 16 OZ bottle (best value.)
• 97% Organic
• Soap-Less/ Suds Free
• Stimulates Follicles
• All hair types; 4C and Dreads
• Hair Growth Stimulation
• Delays Grey Hairs
• Color Safe
• Non Stripping
• Non Drying
• Detangling
• Age Defying
• Fair Trade Ingredients
• NO GMO, VEGAN, No Animal Testing
• Awakens the Crown Chakra

INGREDIENTS:Fermented Organic Rice Water,Alma,Yucca Root,Soap Berry
Peppermint,Neem, Rosemary ,Aloe Vera. Germall Plus 1%.

Directions: Apply to hair by adding to scalp then distributing through hairs.
Massage scalp for a few seconds comb through from tip of hair to root; dreads
or braids rub through. Cover for 30-45 minutes. Rinse out when ready. Repeat
again this time leaving in for a few minutes the second time around (comb/rub
through again )and rinse out.

NOTE: you do not have to cover hair however this is the preferred method of
most that use this treatment. They claims it penetrates better and optimizes
their conditioner.

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