Mega Fixx - Latex size 12 - bicycle

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Mega Fixx is professionally engineered.
Smooth finishes and to-scale design make this flawless. The latex nipple
upgrade on this model is hand-made in small batches to specially fit and
function with the Fixx.* This size 12 teat is overall larger and is the largest
in our catalog.

The airflow, size, and shape have all been carefully engineered to ensure the
highest function and comfort for the user.

There is nothing like the Fixx available anywhere in the world.

The size of this pacifier is very large and would be at least 30% larger than
the other pacifiers we carry.

Very limited quantities are available for purchase, do not hesitate or you
will miss out.

The shield measures 8.5cm x 5.9cm (3.3"x2.3").
The pacifier nipple measures 6.3cm * 4.2cm (2.4" x 1.65")

NOT intended for children

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Brand PacifierAddict