lot of ten crochet cotton pads/ reusable and washable/ 100% cotton PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION

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hi, my name is marion and i am 17
i sell these reusable cotton pads for multiple reason but the main one is to
help and comfort the N.I.C.U. babies. By buying this product, 100% of the
profit i make will go to the yarn i use in order to make cute crochet
octopusses for prematured babies. These octopusses will be donated to the
Children's Hospital of Alberta (Canada).
These little plushies are so helpful for the babies as it brings them comfort
and so they can swirl their fingers around the swirly tentacles instead of
fidgetting with their tubes that keep them alive. Furthermore, the tentacles of
the octopus reminds them of the umbilicol cord they had when they were in the
Of course, you can always buy these octopus on my etsy shop (customizable and
out soon) but for every one octopus you buy, there will be 2 that are made to
the hospital.

These cotton pads also help reduce waste and so save the planet as they are
washable and reusable! for any informations about the product (such as how to
wash it) , feel free to ask or enter them in the personalisation section or via
you can easily throw them in the washing machine and they're clean before you
know it! Be careful on the first wash, the colors might run a little.

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