Lithospermum Ointment | Swelling and Itching | Mosquito Bites | Pure Natural |

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Fragrance: Lithospermum balm
Weight: 10g
Raw material: It is made from comfrey, myrrh, angelica, fangfeng, dahurian,
rehmannia root and other natural fragrance materials and camellia oil brewed
for several months.
Efficacy: reduce swelling, relieve itching, baby red butt, mosquito bites, etc.

·Zicao ointment uses herbal extracts to effectively soothe skin wounds and
relieve the swelling and pain caused by mosquito bites and quickly relieve
itching, leaving the skin cool and comfortable.
·Pure natural herbal plant cream, can effectively soothe the skin; gentle and
non-irritating, suitable for the whole family.紫草膏

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