Ladies Honey|Zumar Mata|All Natural Aphrodisiac For Yoni Wetness

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Ladies Honey also known as Zumar Mata in Hausa Native language is known for
its effectiveness in enhancing a woman’s sexual life. It makes her wet down
there, boots libido, makes intimacy pleasurable for both partners and it has
other health benefits to offer.

It’s simply Raw Organic Honey and all natural aphrodisiac herbs such as:

Fig tree bark(Ficus sycamore): This nourishing bark may help with regulating
the female hormone and aid libido. Aside that, it may help regulate bowel
movement, may help with infections, very beneficial in ancient medicine; from
skin care problems to hair problems, even cuts and snakebites.

Tamarind: It’s choked full of immune boosting properties. It is a known fact
that to be very active and wet as women, our immune system needs to be healthy.

Danbashanana: It’s a bark of a tree, brownish in color and sour in taste..
It may enhance pleasure in women.

Dried Date powder: dates are rich in amino acids, which of course increases
sexual stamina. Consuming the fruit itself may help treat sexual disorders
because it is a natural aphrodisiac

Jaggery: This is an unrefined sugar gotten from sugar cane, helps with
Menstrual cramps, prevents constipation and cleanses the liver.
Our body's ability to fight infections and keep us healthy is greatly
dependant on our immune system. Jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and
minerals like; zinc and selenium, which may help prevent free-radical damage
and also boost resistance against infections.

Red potash: this may help to regulate the women thyroid gland which is an
element that increases libido in women.

Other ingredients used are Ginger, Cloves & Of course Raw Honey :).

Just a tablespoon once daily is enough! You might not need it for a while as
it lasts in the body but our body differs.


Our information on the
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