Lacquer Wood Phoenix Comb, Rosewood Retro Raden Art Hair Comb, Sterling Silver Thread And Mother Of Pearl, Bridal Gift Comb, Gift For Women.

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This comb is made by special Raden inlay craftsmanship.
Handmade rosewood, sandalwood comb.
Siver thread and mother of pearl inlaid patterns.
Classical handcraft, can engrave any patterns, letters.

-100% Natural precious rosewood, a kind of sandalwood.
-Special fragrance, antistatic, soothing mood.
-And the color is very gorgeous.

Raden (螺鈿) is one of the decorative techniques used in traditional crafts such
as Japanese, Korean, China, and Europe, lacquerware and woodwork. It refers to
a method of inserting a board-like material, which is a cut out part of the
mother of pearl inside the shell, into the carved surface of lacquer or wood,
or a craft made by using this method.
The technique was often used in the creation of European-style items, such as
chests of drawers and coffee cups, and was very popular in Europe, as the
mother-of-pearl covering the items contributed to their status as a unique

Raden is widespread in Japan China, korea, and Europe today, and is made for
many applications, modern and classic.

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