Jelly Mask for Skin Care - Rose Gel Face Mask for Instant Hydration vi derm skin lighten complex

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PEEL OFF JELLY MASKS - A new generation of peel off masks, jelly masks thicken
on the skin and peel off when complete. Infused with electrolytes made from
beneficial algae, it creates a vacuum-like seal, pushing nutrients into the
skin, enabling a deeper absorption of nourishing ingredients. This is a
luxurious experience and a gorgeous add on to any facial.

Bulgarian Rose- High in antioxidants, Organic Rose helps to treat skin
conditions such as rough skin, surface wrinkles and fine lines. Dullness, Fine
Lines, Uneven Skin Tone, Dryness, and Sensitive. All Skin Types.

1. Remove makeup and thoroughly clean face and neck. 2. Preparation of the
mask: In a bowl, put the mask in powder and water. Use the 4:3 ratio, Mix
gently with a spatula until the powder of the mask becomes gooey. Adjust the
amount of water to obtain the desired elasticity. 3. Apply the mask evenly to
the face with a spatula. 4. Wait 20 minutes and gently remove it from the
bottom up. * Once applied, absorption can be stimulated by cryo-stick massage
or facial massager. (It is recommended from 7 min of placed) 5. Masks are not
reusable. They are made in a single dose format, so even if it is wet, it is
not to be used a second time. Please discard it at the end of the session.

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