Inner Strength & Protection, Flower Essence and Aromatherapy Spray, Organic with Reiki for Body, Aura, Caregiving, Codependency, Self-care

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Mama Love for Inner Strength & Protection
Flower Essence Aromatherapy Spray

If you are a psychotherapist, social worker, massage therapist or nurse THIS
is the product made for you. If you are a family caregiver or someone who
suffers from codependent family, friend or work dynamics that's doubly true! If
you are a highly sensitive person or overly empathic, this is for you, too!

Whether it's your job or your calling (or simply the luck of the draw), if
your life involves helping others through difficult experiences--or you grew up
in circumstances that demanded such behavior of you-- your life lessons may
revolve around the desire to remain loving and kind yet able to remain
clear-headed, grounded and firm in your own boundaries. This is also the
formula to use when someone in your life is acting too codependently with you:
trying too hard to "fix" your life, tell you what to do, trying to convince you
to do things their way. Well-meaning or not, it's hard to heed our own inner
guidance when we first have to clear away other people's thoughts and excessive

Close your eyes, spray Mama Love for Inner Strength & Protection around your
head and body, and feel your energy shift. Roman soldiers carried sprigs of
Yarrow into battle with them to encourage a feeling of inner strength and
protection. With this formula, you can carry Yarrow with you, too.

Mama Love products combine the emotionally supportive properties of flower
essences and aromatherapy. They're spiritually-guided and infused with Reiki to
bring you the most beneficial products I can make. This formula is made of 100%
organically grown and ethically wildcrafted botanical ingredients in distilled
water with organic vodka as a preservative:

Essential oils: Sandalwood, Patchouli
For feeling protected and secure, grounded and peaceful, and for helping to
keep problems in perspective.

Flower essences: Red Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Pink Yarrow, Golden Yarrow
For spiritual comfort and ease so you can care from a place of trust instead
of fear, for setting appropriate emotional boundaries, and for the ability to
give of yourself without depletion.

1 or 2 oz

PLEASE NOTE: All my flower essence aromatherapy sprays use flower essences
(which have no scent) with essential oils to add the benefits of aromatherapy.
They are not a perfume. Neither are they intended as a room deodorant or air
freshener. It is made primarily for beneficial emotional effects at true
aromatherapy strength so it is safe to use liberally or spray directly on your
skin. The scent will dissipate rather than linger in the air.


This product is also available and is just as effective in an unscented spray
without essential oils:

It is also available as a ready-to-use oil-based formula that you apply like
perfume in a convenient to take with you 1 dram bottle....

And in a 1 oz bottle...


WHOLESALE pricing for for this item is available when bought in sufficient
quantity or in a mixed order of similarly priced items in sufficient quantity.
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I also make custom formulas using your choice of 1-5 flower essences in a
dosage bottle or a choice we come up with together.

If you know exactly what flower essences you want, use this link and send me
an Etsy convo when you place your order. I use all the Bach flower remedies and
most of the North American ones made by FES.

If you don't know exactly what flower essences you want, I also offer
consultations using both dowsing and my Flower Essence Practitioner training
(in conjunction with your input and feedback) with a custom order.
Consultations are HIGHLY recommended if you are not very experienced with
choosing flower essences. But, again, this is MOST appropriate for people who
have already used flower essences successfully and understand how they work and
what they do.

If flower essences alone are not enough . . . my partner Paul and I provide
hour-long spiritual counseling and healing sessions—singly or as a team—to help
you gain clarity into a specific life issue or direction on your spiritual
path. Find out more:


Legal Note: While this product is made to aromatherapy standards and should be
safe when used as directed, it IS possible to be allergic to just about
anything. If you're concerned about sensitivity check the ingredient list, do a
small patch test, and only continue to use it if you like how it makes you feel.

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