Hot water bottle with cherry kernels

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Hot water bottle with cherry kernels cleaned and dried.

Once moistened and then heated in the microwave, stir the cherry kernels to
distribute the heat and enjoy this hot water bottle restoring a cozy warm that
relaxes and warms for 30 minutes. It brings comfort and well-being, relieves
the upset stomachs of toddlers and adults, torticollis, muscle aches or cramps.
Hot stones give off a sweet smell of cereal, and one can add to the hot water
bottle, once hot, a few drops of essential oils.
2 or 3 hours in the freezer and it becomes rather a cold pack for the local
applications required.

These hot water bottles are placed in all the medicine cabinets or at the
bottom of a small bed.

Dimensions 15X45cm
Heating time:
700W - max 2 min 30
800W - max 2 min
900W - max 1 min 30
1000W - max 1 min

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Brand AtelierDfees