Heatless Curls | Little Girls | Curling Ribbon | Matching Scrunchies | Handmade in the USA | 100% Silk

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Heatless Curling Ribbon for Little Girls
Made with 100% Silk
Handmade in the USA
Set of: 1 curling ribbon, 2 scrunchies, 1 claw clip
Color: Petal (pink)

Say hello to waking up beautiful- with LISH LOCKS’ heatless curls! A simple &
healthy way to create the natural curls you want. Say goodbye to scorched hair
and split ends! With this effortless, silky wonder, you’ll gain extra time
every day, and your luscious locks will thank you for saving them from damage
caused by high heat curling irons.

Use it before bed, or at any time of the day, allowing at least 3 hours for
best curl. First, spritz hair to calm the frizz. For tight curls, wrap hair
close and tight around the ribbon. For loose curls, relax the wrap just a
little. We hope you the thrill of watching your new silky curls unfold! :)

Directions for use:
Step 1: Dampen hair just a little. Comb and part hair down the middle.

Step 2: Put curler on tip of your head and secure it in the middle with the

Step 3: Start with one side taking small sections from the front and wrapping
them around the curler, bringing in more hair each time from the back (like you
would when doing a french braid.) You can wrap it in one direction, or in
alternating directions.

Step 4: Finish with tying the scrunchie around the end of the hair. Then move
on the the next side and follow the same steps. Take the clip out.

Step 5: Leave in for at least 3 hours. For best results, leave in over night.

Step 6: Take off the scrunchies, slide the curling ribbon out from the top and
watch your luscious locks unfold!

- Surface clean only
- Do not apply heat to silk ribbon
- Keep silk products away from any products such as oils, creams, lotions, or
hair sprays.

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