HAU Professional Premium Hair Care Series

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Our complete kit that includes all of our most popular products. Start with
our Professional Mango Shampoo to gently cleanse and clarify your hair then use
the premium serum (can also be used separately as a daily conditioner) and Hair
Mask together for beautiful, soft, manageable hair.

Complete hair care for all hair types!

The HAU Hair Mask is a professional-grade home hair treatment that nourishes
and moisturizes the scalp and hair to promote healthy hair growth. Made for all
hair types, this product can be used for people with thin hair as well as thick

Use once a week for 20 minutes per treatment to:
1. Revive damaged hair (from coloring, bleaching, perming and heat tool use)
2. Make hair thicker: Acts as a volumizer to promote cuticle regeneration.
3. Prevent hair loss in the early stages.
HAU Premium Mango Shampoo
Experience the benefits of mango for all types of hair. HAU Premium Mango
Shampoo is 97% natural and mild enough for babies to use
1. HAU Mango Shampoo gently cleanses all types of hair. It’s powerful blend of
fruit extracts effectively washes away excess oils and dirt from your hair. The
perfect product to use for beautiful and shiny hair.
2. Contains environmentally friendly ingredients such as papaya for scalp
health, grapefruit for strengthening hair, and melons for hair growth

[HAU Premium Hair Serum]
The HAU Premium Hair Serum is enriched with more protein—specifically created
for someone who is always on the go. For daily use, you’ll have soft, silky,
and moisturized hair in 2-3 minutes.
1. Simple and easy to use, perfect adding deep moisture and shine even on a
busy morning.
2. Professional-grade home hair-care hair ingredients to enrich your hair with
nutrients, protein and moisture.
3. A natural and safe blend of ingredients that helps solve hair problems and
keep the scalp healthy without any harmful substances or artificial pigments.

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