Hair Growth Onion Butter, Onion Deep Conditioner, Onion shampoo, Onion oil 4oz. with essential oils (plastic bottle)

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#(1) Hair Growth Stimulating Hebal ONION Shampoo -8 oz.
This all natural unisex herbal shampoo provides gentle, yet effective
cleansing and stimulation for all hair types. This herbal shampoo can be used
before hair thinning or loss occurs, to help prevent future problems. It has a
natural earthy minty scent of, Well Water, African Raw Black Soap, Shea,
Coconut Oil, Black-Seed Oil, Onion Juice, Rosemary, Sweet Basil, Peppermint
oils. Wash and massage scalp for 2 to 5 mins, rinse and apply your herbal deep
conditioner. Use our Herbal Onion Oil for speedy results. Enjoy!
Hair Growth Deep Conditioner - 12oz Jar. Our NEW Onion Deep Conditioner,
Softens hair & stops breakage to help slow growth in naturally kinky/coily
hair. Onion fights split ends and breakage so you retain the hair you grow.
Treat alopecia, in just 2 weeks and regrow strong, healthy and dense hair.
Tingly and naturally stimulating with peppermint & ylang ylang oils.
Ingredients, Shea Butter, Virgin Olive Oil, Onion Juice, Hemp Oil, Hibiscus,
Yucca Root, Triphala, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint essential oils. A nonGMO
#(3)Hair Growth Stimulating ONION oil - 4OZ.
Stop hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, strengthen hair roots, treat
alopecia, in just 2 weeks and regrow strong, healthy and dense hair with these
7 Potent Herbal Ingredients, Virgin Olive Oil, Onion Juice, Pumpkin Seed, Ylang
Ylang, Rosemary, Sweet Basil, Peppermint essential oils. Massage 10-20 mins in
to the roots of your hair, leave-in or wash out with our herbal shampoo. Use
daily use for a minimum of 2-3 weeks. A nonGMO product. 100% natural. Comes in
a (one) 2oz. amber glass dropper or spray bottle. Best to store in fridge for
longevity as there are not any chemical preservatives, only natural ones. But
can be stored in a cool place. The Smell is anything but pleasant, however the
quick results leaves everyone happy.
OUR HAIR GROWTH BUTTA Infused With Potent Botanicals is formulated to retain
moisture, nourish hair roots, repair damaged hair, control thinning hair and
leaves hair silky soft. Works great with twist-outs. Apply to clean towel dried
hair. Vigorous results when paired with Happy Being Nappy Blacksoap Shampoo.
Regular use will give perfect healthy hair. Seeing is believing! Ingredients:
Shea Butter - Castor Oil - Olive Oil - Juiced Onions - Black seed Oil -
Rosemary Essential Oil - Moroccan Oil - Hint of Lavender. Onion juice. Quite
simply, is pressed from the onion plant, which comes in a variety of species in
the Allium genus. One of the most widely available vegetables in the world,
onions contain a rich supply of vit C, various B-family vit, sulfur, calcium,
iron, potassium, manganese, and magnesium, as well as other antioxidants,
phenolic compounds, and anthocyanins. This dense nutrient profile can have a
number of effects on the body, including for hair growth.
Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair Growth
The top benefits of using onion juice include its ability to moisturize the
skin, improve follicle health, prevent infection, relieve inflammation, slow
the greying of hair, and stimulate circulation.
Improves Circulation
The active ingredients in onions are known to increase circulation under the
skin, which can drive nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, thus
stimulating hair growth and improving healing.
Reduces Inflammation
The antioxidants in onion juice make it ideal for soothing inflammation of the
scalp, which can often lead to dry skin or impaired function of the hair
follicles. By reducing this inflammation, you can cut down on dandruff and
lower your chance of infection from open wounds.
Prevents Greying of Hair
Onions possess an antioxidant enzyme called catalase, the lack of which can
lead to premature greying of the hair. Without this compound, hair becomes
weaker and is more likely to fall once it changes color; the regular
application of onion juice for hair growth can ensure this doesn’t happen.
Tremendous care is put into the formulation, production, and packaging of your
product. Our process honors the plants, the customer, and the research and
wisdom of those who came before us. I imbue love and energy into each product
through meditation for the healing of the individual. Your products are truly
Made for You.

All products are handcrafted fresh to order and customizable. You deserve the
freshest and most effective natural wellness and personal care products on the
planet. You deserve Botanical Therapy. NOTE: Color varies slightly from photo
to a darker or lighter shade of yellow. This butter does not spoil, but some of
its benefits decrease after 18 months. Use within 180 days. ******Attn: NOW
Comes in a Natural HDPE Cylinder Round Bottles w/black twist top plastic caps
induction liners for secure seal.******

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