Hair Comb for Detangling - Wide Tooth Wood Comb for Curly Hair - No Static Natural Wooden Sandalwood Comb

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Product Item: Pocket Sandalwood Comb

Combs Antistatic and detangling, made from high quality natural Black Gold
Sandalwood, help reduce dandruff and scalp disorder, stimulate the overall
health of the scalp and hair.

The rounded teeth of the Le Bucheron comb will not irritate your skin. Wood is
not only comfortable to hold in the hand - it also completely eliminates static

Made with high quality techniques refined traditional woodwork - an
alternative to toxic plastics. Unlike generic plastic combs, peach wood combs
will not catch your hair or damage hair roots


- Material: Wood

- Material:Sandalwood

- Size:Length: About 20cm

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