Flower Essence (((Fever Few)))

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This listing is for one 1 oz 'Fever Few' Flower Essence

Fever Few is a gentle calming flower. This essence is especially supportive
for cultivating a sense of serenity and inner stillness that supports
adaptation and flexibility in times of transition.

Flower Essences are composed of the vibrational imprint of plants. They carry
the flower’s unique life force expression and activate specific healing
qualities within the human energy fields of the body. Essences are herbal
infusions of flower medicine, blessed by sunlight and vibrationally charged
water. Each flower has its own energy signature which can support us to embody
our wellbeing. Their medicine helps regulate our nervous system and deepen
connection to our energy field. They can be used for emotional wellness and
self-regulation, and are supportive for bringing our emotions into balance and

Potency is increased through consistent frequency, not increased quantity of
drops. The standard dosage is 4 drops, four times daily. You may also mix 4
drops of the essence in a glass of water and sip throughout the day. You can
also use them to enhance the healing qualities of your home by utilizing drops
of the essence in your baths, and in misting sprayers on your plants or pets.

Ingredients: Spring water, biodynamic brandy, infusion of Fever Few Flowers.

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