Flannel Rice Heat Lap Pad with Lavender

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Hot/Cold wrap. Sits nicely across lap or back or anywhere else you need it.
Perfect for aches, pain, muscle soreness, bumps, and bruises.
Made from 100% Cotton (Snuggle Flannel), Rice and Dried Lavender.

Heating- Heat in microwave for 1 minute and then increase by 30 seconds at a
time until desired temperature is reached. Shake to distribute heat evenly.
Microwave times may vary.

Warning: Overheating may cause burns or other undesirable effects. Garnet Girl
is not responsible for injury due to overheating and misuse.

Freezing: Place in resealable plastic bag and freeze for at least 3 hours to
use as a cold pack,

Lap heating pads are approximately 18"x10" and weigh just under 4lbs

Cleaning: Spot clean only. Wrap cannot be submerged in water. They are filled
with rice and water will ruin the contents.

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