Exquisite Käpälikkö Comb, Luxurious Hannunvaakuna Comb

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One of the most famous symbols in Finnish history and folklore incorporated to
a comb!

"Looped square, or in Finnish, käpälikkö (hannunvaakuna is also in use). The
oldest one found in Finland is around 1000 years old, carved on a pair of skis.
It was common to find it here painted or carved on buildings, tools and
utensils to protect their owners from bad luck and evil spirits. It is still in
common use."

This exquisite luxury comb is the result of many months' planning and honing
until every detail came out like they should.

It is casted of durable 800-silver, which is tougher than regular Sterling
silver used in jewellery. It is marked with my official maker's mark and purity
55 grams (bronze version: 50 grams) of solid silver guarantees nice and
comfortable experience while combing hair or beard.

Bronze version's spikes will be slightly shorter. If this worries you, feel
free to message me before ordering and I will show you exactly what you can

When ordering, please upgrade to delivery with tracking (and provide your
phone number) for obvious reasons.

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