Drake's Luxury Bay Rum Aftershave - DARWIN - Made in France

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Drake conceived his "Tafia de Laurier" (Bay Rum) as he scoured the seven seas,
to bring back to the Royal Crown of England the treasures of the world. His
booty, his travels and adventures are reflected in the spicy notes of this Bay
Rum, and here we are with him on the deck: we can feel the Caribbean sun,
fruity and tangy, as we open the bottle. Then come notes reminiscent of the
daily life of sailors: the ship's cedar wood, lemon to fight scurvy, rum that
warms the soul and precious spices in the holds. Finally, when you think that
the sea has already taken everything from you, the powder speaks and the fire
sets the deck ablaze. Drake managed to survive to bring us his favourite
aftershave, and Darwin is honoured to be able to offer it to you in his turn.

This alcoholic aftershave lotion is 100% natural. Specially formulated to calm
razor burn, it is a real moisturizing lotion thanks to the vegetable and
organic glycerin. It concentrates all the astringent, disinfecting and soothing
virtues of selected essential oils. The alcohol it contains is also organic, it
allows to disinfect any cuts and to give this light whiplash that awakens!

Scent is composed only of natural essential oils and real amber rum (10%):

- St Thomas berry and bay laurel : two similar fruits that are reminiscent of
laurel, but that soften it.
- Citron: native to India, it brings a woody and fruity note at the same time.
It is a citrus fruit similar to lemon, which scent is reminiscent of cedar.
- Frankincense: a woody, fairly mineral scent with a slightly spicy aspect.
- Amber rum: warm, sweet, spicy.
- Ambergris: powdery, warm, it helps binding the different notes together.
- Cade wood: smoky and woody.

Glass bottle with cork, which will be waxed for transport. For the bottle, you
have the choice in limited stock! Please refer to photo 2. Once the stock is
gone, only the n°II will be available! A cork with spout will be included (hand
and home made).

Volume: 100 ml
Precautions for use: Do not expose your skin to sunlight after use, do not
drink, keep out of reach of children.

Made in France, designed in collaboration with Le Père Lucien. Please note
that, due to the fact that the oils are all natural, their color may change, so
the final liquid may be more or less gold, green or transparent.

Ingredients : Alcohol Denat.*, Aqua, Glycerin*, Fragrance* (essential oils),
limonene, eugenol, linalol, citral.

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