Dr.Clinic Spf 50+ Sunscreen Cream, Facial Cream, Skin Care, Oily Skin Cream

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Dr.Clinic Spf 50+ Sunscreen Cream protects your skin against the harmful rays
of the sun. The use of sunscreen should not be neglected not only in summer but
also at all other times. Overexposure of the skin to the sun can cause
blemishes and sensitivity. For this reason, you can apply Dr.Clinic sunscreen
cream to your skin that is cleansed of dirt and make-up.

In addition to its beneficial effects, the sun's rays can also show harmful
effects when overexposure. When exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time,
serious health problems such as skin cancer may occur. Sunscreens, on the other
hand, absorb or reflect some of the ultraviolet radiation, preventing sunburn
and preventing skin cancer. Specially formulated Dr.Clinic Spf 50+ Sunscreen
Cream provides effective protection without leaving any whiteness.

How to Use: Apply evenly on clean skin areas that will be exposed to the sun
20 minutes before sun exposure. For better and continuous protection, repeat
the application process at 2 hour intervals. Shake the product before use.

WARNINGS: For external use. Protect from heat and light. Do an allergy test
before using the product. Store at room temperature (25°C). Keep out of reach
of children.

Allergy Test: Before using the product, apply it to an area on the upper arm
and wait for 15-20 minutes. If any reaction occurs, stop using the product.

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