Double ended crochet synthetic dreads extensions purple curly hair. Boho de dreadlocks ombre de curly synthetic dreads

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Synthetic blonde dreads double ended natural color for gentle girls. Synthetic
de dreadlock extensions full set

! Dear visitors of my store. I will forgive you to bear in mind that I am in
Ukraine and now my country is going through very difficult trials. This can
affect shipping. Please order dreadlocks only if you are willing to wait. I
can't make any difference. Thank you for your understanding !
Product details:
•Colors - purple
•Type - crochet dreads curly
•Material - kanekalon (synthetic hair). It is absolutely hypoallergenic
material. Doesn't cause irritation.
•Length DE - 110 cm(55 cm folded)
•Thickness - 0.5 cm
Reusable curly dreadlocks. During the first installation, soft curly
dreadlocks form naturally. On the second installation, the dreadlocks will not
look like the first time. They will look like soft dreadlocks.
For the first two weeks, you need to divide the strands with wet hands. It is
necessary for the natural formation of curly dreadlocks.

Follow the link to see a video on how to do it

*Wash your hair no more than once a week.
*Dilute shampoo in proportions of 1 (shampoo) to 10 (water)
*Wearing period from 3 to 6 weeks with max 2 months

You may choose the quantity you'd like to obtain. The whole head needs about
50 crochet dreadlocks. If you have shaved temples or the back of your head -

They can be braided to a length of 10-12 cm. Please, do not dry your
dreadlocks with a too hot hair dryer and keep it away from the fire.

You can look at the FAQs:
* custom and personalized orders
* care instructions
* wearing period
* reusable kit
* delivery
* packaging

All dreadlocks in my store are absolutely safe for your hair. All kits are

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