Chemical Peel Facial Kit

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Brightening peel 10%
Brightening peel 20%
Hydra-peel 20%
Hydra-peel 10%
Purifying Peel 10%
Purifying peel 20%
Rejuvenating 10%
Rejuvenating 20%
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Do you dream of glowing healthy skin?

The skin peel facial kit has everything you need to perform 15-20 chemical
professional peels at home. A peel is a form of exfoliation which gently
dissolves the bonds which hold new and dead skin cells together, sloughing off
old skin revealing a smoother, brighter and more refined complexion.
Aswell as illuminating dull complexions, peels are a great way to target
specific skin concerns including acne, pigmentation, congested skin.

There are 4 different peels ot choose from

BRIGHTENING PEEL - Dull, uneven texture, dark spots all skin types.
HYDRA-PEEL - Dry, sensitive skin.
PURIFYING PEEL - Oily, congested, acne prone skin.
REJUVENATING PEEL - All skin types apart from sensitive. Targets rough
texture, dullness, fine lines.

STRENGTH - 10%-20%

30ml peel of choice
60ml pre prep solution
60ml neutralizer
Spa head band
Dish & Brush
Instruction Manual
skin prep waterproof travel bag

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