CAMO Flannel Hot/Cold Rice Neckwrap Hoppy Hops Organic Lavender Migraine Aromatherapy Pack

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Butcher paper
Migraine Blend
Hops Aroma Blend
Plain (no herbs)
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Hot/Cold Neck Wrap Hoppy Organic Migraine Aromatherapy Pack

Hand made with cozy cotton flannel, filled with non-gmo rice and organic
aromatherapy blend. Doubled-stitched for security and to help lay flat.
Approximately 24x5 inches, comes wrapped with a care instruction card.

Migraine Blend includes rosemary for headaches in addition to lavender for
soothing relaxation, and spearmint for a sweet minty relief (all organic herbs
from Starwest Botanicals). Did you know?! The secret aromatherapy weapon for
migraines is ROSEMARY! (Fun fact because I love to see holistic knowledge blend
with modern medicine: it’s even mentioned on the Excedrin website!

Hoppy Aroma Blend is the migraine blend with the addition of hand crushed
cascade hops from Yakima Chief Hops out of Washington state. Hops flowers have
historically been used in bathwater and tea because of they have natural
sedative properties, so wrap up and kick back with your favorite IPA!
*Plain rice (no herbs) also available

Heated rice creates a natural steam effect and results in a warm, moist heat.
If stored in the freezer as a cold pack, place it in a plastic bag so the rice
doesn’t absorb other smells from food. Can also be placed over the belly, over
the top of the head, under your pillow for sleep support, a bruise or boo-boo,
swelling, low back, as a bed warmer, etc.

SAFETY: Sadly, hops flowers are toxic to cats & dogs if eaten. Be sure your
hops pack is designated for human use only! Spot clean with warm soapy sponge
or washcloth. When handled properly you can expect these to last for many, many

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