Bossy - Lawrence Customs Long Wear Lip Color Collection - GLOSS REQUIRED Lip Colors - Vegan Cruelty Free Lipstick

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Bossy - by Lawrence Customs is a Full coverage Pink lipstick with pink
opalescent flash. (Gloss Required Lip Color)

Lawrence Customs Long Wear Lip colors can last anywhere between 4 and 18 hours
without touch ups depending on the wearer and application.
They are water-proof, kiss-proof, smudge-proof, and budge-proof once sealed
with a color compatible lip gloss.
They come in a variety of small batch Hand blended colors made right here in
Indiana USA.
They can be layered or mixed together to produce your own personalized custom
lip colors.

When used properly they do not dry out your lips and can help restore moisture
content leaving behind smoother lips.
(Lip Color is easily removed with Neutrogena bar soap and a moist soft cotton

Lawrence Customs Long Wear Lip colors should be applied in THREE THIN LAYERS
for best results:
• 1st layer – touches the skin’s pH and will begin to break down first and
• 2nd layer – protected from the bottom, away from the skin’s pH, by the first
• 3rd layer – protects the second layer from the top down and prevents
sheering of second layer of color by keeping away friction, saliva, and the
natural environment.
Third layer breaks down just like the first layer, but from the top down. The
second layer is sandwiched between the first and third and is protected by both
for the longest period of wear.

Lawrence Customs Long Wear Lip Colors are NOT conventional Lipsticks. They
REQUIRE a compatible top coat gloss which can be found here:

Once Sealed with one of my Color Compatible Top Coat Glosses they will not
Kiss off, Smudge off, or Smear off! Nothing is worse than paying good money for
a beautiful lip color only to have it disappear from your lips quickly. What a

They are hand blended by me without the un-necessary irritants and artificial
smells. Just basic ingredients that get the job done! The Base ingredients of
my Lip Color products are as follows:

SD40B - Cosmetic Grade Alcohol Used as a preservative and bacteria killer,
also used to decrease the "dry down" time of product application. (VEGAN)
Acrylates/octylacrylamide copolymer - film forming polymer that provides
water-proof protection and thickening properties to the lip color. (VEGAN)
Hydroxypropyl Cellulose - film former that delivers a smooth silky feeling and
helps bind color pigments. (VEGAN)
Glucam P20 - is a naturally-derived, 100% active, propoxylated methyl glucose
ether, used to help smooth pigments and decrease the stinging properties of the
Isostearyl Alcohol - is an easy spreading, colorless liquid fatty alcohol used
for its moisturizing light, silky, soft dry skin feel. NOT to be confused with
toxic isopropyl alcohol! (VEGAN)
Silica - a texturizer, soft focus, anti-caking agent. Provides a luxurious
feel, excellent tactile experience, and exceptional lubricity. It improves the
"fluidity" of lip care products. (VEGAN)
FDA Approved Lip Safe Micas, Oxides, and Dyes.
May contain Plant derived squalane, jojoba oil, Castor Oil.

***** PLEASE NOTE *****
My lipsticks may perform similar to other commercial brand named products but
are in NO WAY Associated with these brand name products or their companies, My
products are hand blended in small batches from my own personal recipes. My
Products are NOT purchased private label cosmetics that have been rebranded.
All of my products are ORIGINAL LAWRENCE CUSTOMS LLC Products. Please know this
when ordering.

Due to individual lip pigmentation, monitor settings, monitor pixel
definitions, limitations of desktop scanners, digital photography, and pigment
lot variations, I cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen will
be an exact color match of my product on your lips specifically, all images are
photographed on my own lip pigmentation and my lip pigmentation is for
reference purposes only.

My Products are VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE! also Paraben and Formaldehyde FREE!
Handmade right here in Indiana USA! ! All my Lip Colors and Glosses are
handmade in small batches to deliver the BEST quality products to my
customers!For More Lawrence Customs Items Check Us Out At and

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