Bone Builder- Promotes Cartilage Growth, Heals Broken Bones, Sore Knees/Hips, Carpel Tunnel, Stops Bleeding, Fixes the Broken. . .

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Native Medicine offers pure plant medicines for the healing of body, mind and

Herbs Heal; it’s what they do. An herb is any plant that has medicinal healing
properties, including wild flowers, trees & shrubs, garden plants and even many
so called weeds. Each plant is different in it’s makeup, however all plants
heal and often by cleansing out dis-ease so the body can be restored to good

Purely simple herbal remedies made as potent as reasonably possible is what we
offer; nothing is diluted, nor added beyond what’s listed on the label.

Simple and easy to understand best describes our methods from the picking all
the way through to bottling. We use few appliances, preferring old folk
hand-made to high tech power. Even our labels are simple; we prefer the common
names and offer a few known benefits of each herb to help us learn about these
wonderful plants.

All of our medicines are made with Montana grown plants that are harvested by
us, which ensures purity in every hand-made batch. Our picking grounds are
mostly high hilly cow pastures, far from the wheat fields of modern farming.
Some herbs are from our natural organic gardens or up in the treed mountain
tops, but all are picked by Native Medicine.

Standard herbal tincture dosing is 2 droppers full, 3 times daily; however
this may be adjusted to suit each individual’s need more or less. Also all
herbs can be combined with other herbs to increase and broaden the healing
spectrum, so mix and match as you see fit.

A dropper full = about 30 drops, or what comes up via the bulb cap action; it
usually looks half full. Tinctures are usually taken under the tongue, but may
be diluted in juice, tea or water. It matters not how we get them in, just that
we do. Because, the herb not taken will never help.

Thank you for stopping by our little herbal store! We are here to help, so if
you have a question please drop a line and we’ll do our best to answer you. All
our knowledge has come from simple herb/plant books, most of which were second
hand. We read much and try to think more, always keeping in mind that these
wonder filled weeds were put here for our healing and have been used for
thousands of years by many generations.

Thank you again and may your health be restored quickly.

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