Board Of Education Vintage look Retro Laser Engraved Spanking Paddle

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3/8 Inch (9 mm)
1/2 Inch (12 mm)
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Retro wood spanking paddle from Woodrage. With the classic retro "Board of
Education" in red and black. Handle states, "Grip Here Firmly In Case Of
Frustration" and has a strap for easy hanging.

The main part of the paddle has an adorable graphic of two "students" getting
their punishment of misbehavior.

This type of paddle was popular at road side locations and vacation spot
souvenir shops from the 40's through the 60's. This Woodrage version is more
durable, sturdy and all around better than the original. People love to laugh
when reading the message and looking at the graphics.

This paddle has been laser engraved and color filled for a more lasting and
permanent graphics.

Approximate Size: 16" x 3" x 3/8" Thick.
I do have some on hand, but when I sell out I need to make them to order.

The wood is solid maple and finished with lacquer. Paddle will be shipped
sealed in poly bag for freshness!

Shipped via USPS

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Brand Woodrage