Boar Bristle Cushion Hair Brush - Hard White

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White & Gold Hard King Monkey Products Model 1776 Cushion Hair & Beard Brush
is Perfect For Promoting Healthy Strong Vibrant Beautiful Hair. 1776 is ideal
for Extensions Wigs Weave Natural or Synthetic Hair 360 Waves Beards and more.
All around, a Great Unisex Hair Brush for the Entire Family.

Mold Resistant Rubber Padding Helps eliminate static and protects Boar
Bristles from Mold and damage. Easy Cleaning, Wet or Dry Use, Lightweight for
easy Travel.

Top Quality Hard Pure White Asian Boar Bristles perfect for releasing Natural
Oils promoting Healthy Vibrant Beautiful Hair.


• Anti-static

• Rubber Cushion

• Top Quality Natural Boar Bristles

• 6 Month Warranty

• Mold Resistant

• Bristle Strength -Hard

• Travel Size 3oz.

Brush Details:

Weight: 3oz.\
Brush Color: KoKoa White
Cushion Color: Pure White
Bristle Color: White
Quality: Excellent

Limited Availability

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