Black Lava Detox Cleanser

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Introducing: Our Black Lava Cleanser; a gentle detoxifying cleanse that pulls
toxins out of your skin. We use coconut charcoal which is a step above regular
activated charcoal, and is considered to be more pure, effective and safe!
After this gentle deep cleanse, you may notice stubborn blemishes begin to
shrink and fade.

- detoxifying deep cleanse gentle enough for daily use
- pulls out toxins and impurities from skin
- contains minerals that rebuild and repair skin
- leaves skin deep cleansed and rejuvenated

How To Use
- apply cleanser to damp face
- rub in circular motions
- can be used 1x a day

More Info
Scent: Invigorating Mint
Shelf Life: 180 Days (6 Months)
Packaging Type: Glass Container

Additional Information
Brand YalaSkin