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Seville beard balm 50ml - Patchouli and bergamot scent.

This light and refreshing beard balm provides normal to dry beards with
intense hydration. Nourished and protected from the stress of everyday life,
the beard radiates a new radiance.

Eight vegetable oils make up this balm.


100% ingredients of natural origin
100% organic

Seville beard balm offers extreme softness and helps nourish your beard all
day long.

It is designed with healthy beard ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter
or castor oil to stimulate your beard while you do your hair. The balm is
impregnated with our signature bergamot and patchouli fragrance, perfect if you
like elegant smells. This beard product is exactly what you need to have a
distinct, bold and textured beard.

Life is too short to have a dry beard. With this Seville beard balm, say
goodbye to beards without charm for good.


You relax your muscles. The tension finally goes down. You drop your sword and
mercenary cape. You walk through the fields cultivated by your family for
several generations, this war will have exhausted you.
You're finally back. Step by step you think back to all those soldiers you
have been attacking in recent months. You caress with your fingertips the ears
of wheat that stand in your way, when suddenly you hear footsteps approaching
You raise your head and you see it, finally, the one that has been waiting for
you all this time. It throws itself at you and smells the refreshing and
familiar smell of your beard. This concentrate of Bergamot and Patchouli from
Beubar brings you closer together, it is this link, this connection that breaks
all barriers. As if you had never left...


Product to be applied once or twice a day.

1. Pour a few drops of oil or a dab of balm into the palm of your hand.
2. Heat the product between your palms.
3. Apply to your beard and penetrate by massaging to the skin.
4. Finalize the shaping of your beard using your fingers or a beard brush.
5. Embrace life to the fullest.

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