Aromatherapy Essential Oil Organic Dried Botanical Bath Bomb, Floral Herbal Bath Fizzy Gift Set of 4

$28 $ 19.6
One of each scent
4 x Chamomile
4 x Goji Berry
4 x Lavender
4 x Rose
2xChamomile 2xRose
2x Goji 2x Lavender
2x Goji 2x Rose
2x Lavender 2x Goji
2x Lavender 2x Rose
2x Rose 2x Goji
2x Rose 2x Lavender
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Medium (4 x 4.5 oz)
Large (4 x 5.5 oz)
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*This gift set includes:

4 medium or large bath bombs (each medium size is approx.: 4.5 oz, large is
approx.: 5.5 oz)

*Bath Bomb:

Enjoy and take a warm bath after a hard, busy work day. These Bath bombs
contain top organic botanicals that will help soothe your mind and relax your
muscles. Its nourishing oils will also moisturize and hydrate your skin.

Four scents for bath bombs:

Please note that each scent contains a blend of natural essential oils.

'Goji Berry'

**If you would like to customize the bath bomb combination, please send us a

*Ingredients are included in each box.

*For your safety:

These bath bombs contain essential oil and fragrance oils. If you experience a
reaction to them, please discontinue use immediately and contact your health
practitioner. Also, please use with caution as the bath bombs can cause
surfaces to be slippery.

*Plant Based
*Preservative Free
*Scented Using Only a Blend of Pure Essential Oils & Nature Premium Fragrance
*Handmade in the USA

Thanks for supporting our small business! If you're dissatisfied in any way,
please contact us so that we can make it better.

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