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This is a handmade antique lice comb made completely from bamboo, and which
has a detachable handle made of wood and lacqered. The comb itself is made of
bamboo, and the handle/cover makes it easier to hold and use. It covers one
side up while you use it.

This comb is at least from the early Showa period, and I am guess that it's
quite a bit older, Meiji era. Lice were endemic and prevalent in this era. It
is extremely difficult to completely get rid of lice, because their egg sacs
remain and hatch later. In order to remove all the sacs before they hatch,
persistent guard is necessary, searching them out and brushing them out one by
one. Lice combs were thus a standard tool of the boudoir.

This old comb has an interesting detail on the middle strip. In the middle on
one side is written 白さぎ, which means white egret or white heron. And below that
is written 松, which means pine. I imagine the shirosagi one is a brand name,
but I am not sure what the pine part is about....

more photos here

Great condition. Rich patina. It appears as if only one side of the comb
itself was actually ever used very much, and the other remained covered most of
the time, and therefore is clean. The used side has some staining on the comb
bristles, perhaps the grime of ages. The lacquer design is bold and classically

The comb could still even be used.

9.6 cms wide
6.7 cms high

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