amla & bhringraj: hair growth oil

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Indian elixir for stronger, thicker hair.
Fenugreek and kalonji are steeped in amla and bhringraj oils for a natural
scalp treatment promoting hair health from the root.

This ayurvedic ritual has been passed on from generation to generation among
those that know and love it. It was created in India as a natural product to
tackle hair growth.

RESULTS: Nourish dry scalp, prevent hair fall, promote hair growth, and reduce

APPLICATIONS: Apply oil to crown of head using finger tips, massaging in
circular motions. Leave in hair for at least 30 minutes prior to washing. Wash
twice to remove excess oil. Use no more than 2-3 times weekly.

INGREDIENTS: amla (gooseberry) oil, bhringraj (false daisy) oil, fenugreek,
kalonji (fennel flower)

2% of net profits from the by hyphen amla & bhringraj hair growth oil will be
donated to RISE by Sundara to provide emergency COVID relief supplies, funding,
and medical assistance to families in India. To learn more about Sundara, visit

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