After Sun & Sunscreen - Non Greasy Natural Ingredients

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Receive 1 - 8 oz After Sun Spray and 1 - 4 oz Sunblock Non Greasy with Natural
Ingredients! A little goes a long way

My Amazing Spray Will Help Relief Sunburn Pain!

Customers reported that applying often actually resulted in no peeling

Comes in an 8 ounce bottle with a trigger lock spray top

Instructions: Spray on area including your face and massage in gently, use
often especially the first day

Also good for hot flashes!

Ingredients: aloe vera gel, witch hazel, rose water baking soda, chamomile &
peppermint essential oil

My non greasy scent free - great for sensitive skin Sunblock is filled with
natural SPF ingredients it does not feel greasy - you will be very happy with
this protection. It does not run down you face in extreme heat. I have many
customers use this on their children with amazing results.

Ingredients: coconut milk ,distill water, coconut oil, almond oil,
shea butter, vitamin e, candilla wax, emulsifying wax, avocado oil, raspberry
seed oil, (plant based), paraben free antimicrobial preservative

for best results on your face apply little dabs wet your fingers and rub in.
it will make your face look a little pale due to the zinc - but great protection

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