4 oz or 8 oz Green Cream - Powerful Pain & Sinus Relief

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100% Natural. Green Cream is a powerful, effective pain relieving cream that
penetrates deep into the skin, and for many provides immediate pain relief. A
proprietary hand-made formulation that includes natural butters, MSM, Emu oil,
Aloe Vera and over 60 herbs, vitamins and essential oils, Green Cream goes to
work immediately to reduce pain and inflammation. Our customers have reported
nearly miraculous results from the very first use. Commonly used daily for
muscle fatigue and soreness resulting from exercise and physical activity,
Green Cream is also used to treat painful areas following injury or medical
conditions that cause chronic pain. Our loyal customers use Green Cream to
relieve symptoms associated with:

* Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, MS, Lupus, Carpal Tunnel
* Sinusitis, chest and nasal congestion
* Back and neck pain, joint pain, menstrual pain
* Sore muscles, aching feet and legs, shin splints
* Headaches, migraines, tension and stress

I tried green cream for chronic Plantar Fasciitis that I had been suffering
from for 1 1/2 years. Prior to using green cream I had tried acupuncture,
ultrasound treatments, chiropractic care, stretching and many expensive gels
and creams with limited success. I led an active lifestyle constantly on my
feet making the pain severe and very difficult to bare. I first bought the
green cream just before a week long seminar that required me to be on my feet
3-8 miles a day. My pain was gone during the entire seminar, and 2 months later
I am still pain free even when really abusing my feet! - Rich V, Ohio.

I love the green cream. I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia for several
years, and no other creams, medications, shots, or medical doctors have been
able to help me. I tried them all. One day I walked into Jennifer's store and
was introduced to the green cream, and it changed my life. It works, it's
immediate relief, and it lasts. Anyone out there who hasn't tried it yet, don't
be afraid. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Jennifer and God bless you. -
Janice, Ohio.

We love using your Green Cream for sinus problems, but I recently gave my dad
some to try for his Polymyalgia Rheumatica. After taking some of mine home, he
used it and told me I needed to order some for him! I was also glad to be able
to send some with my 14 year old son to take on his school trip to Washington
D.C. He uses it for sinus relief and was allowed to take it because it is a
natural product. - Stephanie, Ohio.

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